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Artist Trust Fellowship
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Artist Trust supported 21 artists with the 2008 Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowships. Each recipient will receive an unrestricted cash award of $7,500. The award recognizes an artist’s creative excellence and accomplishment, professional achievement and continuing dedication to their artistic discipline. In 2008, the Fellowship Program received a total of 450 applications from artists working in Emerging & Cross Disciplinary, Traditional & Folk, Performing and Visual Arts.

Emerging & Cross Disciplinary Arts

*James Coupe
(Seattle) utilizes his background in sculpture and new media to construct art installations that explore systems, agency and control: works he terms “self-organizing discovery systems”. In his latest project, (re)collector, a network of intelligent surveillance cameras were positioned throughout Cambridge, England and programmed to recognize and capture “cinematic moments”. Each day, the footage was autonomously synthesized into complete film narratives and projected back into the city center, algorithmically re-staging the fragmented experience of urban life. James is a Professor of Digital Art and Experimental Media at the University of Washington.

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