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Art+Technology series features James Coupe, DJ Spooky and Lu Yang discussing ‘Identity’
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Are we as free as we strive to be? We have become increasingly data-driven identities – not only defined by our connectedness but targeted through our demographic profiles. Ghislaine Boddington @body_tech23, Creative Director of bodydataspace, introduces three artists with unique takes on identity. Artist James Coupe asks what profiling means in an era of mass surveillance and social media, especially when the ‘boot’ never fits; artist, writer and musician DJ Spooky @djspooky_official uncovers how racial stereotypes serve political ends; while artist Lu Yang @luyangasia, inspired by videogames, strives to exist outside of categories – and boxes – entirely.

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PART 1: Identity | Your Choice or Mine?

PART 2: Reframing Ourselves for Freedom

PART 3: Jumping Out of Boxes

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